What is SAGE?

Sage is the leading digital sales platform for luxury real estate developments. Sage empowers sales teams to give gorgeous, interactive, persuasive presentations incorporating all marketing elements anywhere in the world and through the full spectrum of digital tools.


Marketing Content

Show in-depth information about the development, lifestyle, area and much more through dynamic, visual elements:

Development team background

Area maps, pictures and descriptions

Building and amenity details, renderings and descriptions

Unit availability, details, renderings, view pictures and floor plans

  • Interactive 3D

    Allow users to visualize and interact with the Development

    Floor Plan: Virtually exploring the space.

    3D Development Model: Describe the building in a visual, dynamic way like never before.

    3D Area Maps: empower agents to show the vibrancy, beauty and excitement of the building and area.

  • SAGE

  • SAGE

  • Offsite Technologies

    Ipad Application: a mobile, pre-downloaded, always-up-to-date sales tool for agents.

    Web Application: Allows 3D interactive elements to be placed on websites through Evolution’s proprietary technology.

    E-mail Application: Built-in, one click e-mail capability for agents to send inventory and development information to clients and track viewing activity.

Sales Center Technologies

  • Touch Screen: Present to clients with impressive scale and clarity on table-top or wall based large-format touch screens.

    Multiple Screen Projection: Give presentations across 2 to 50 screens, showing content with movie-like excitement and action.

    Integrated, remote lighting of Physical/Scale models: Turn on unit lights within a scale model from the Sage iPad application.

    Oculus Rift: Bring your development and interior spaces to life through virtual reality.

    Augmented Reality: Allow your 3D interactive renderings to be superimposed over specified visual codes on mobile devices.

  • SAGE

Sales Management Tools

Comprehensive online content management: Upload content and inventory in minutes and automatically update all Sage elements.

User activity tracking and analaysis: Understand how your sales people are using Sage and how clients are reacting to your marketing efforts.

Client profile collection: Collect and edit profiles through iPad and web.

How it Works?

Sage provides agents a branded digital presentation tool that is easy to use and impressive to buyers. Over $25 Billion of luxury real estate has been sold using Sage in over 75 projects worldwide. Through these projects, Evolution has learned how buyers think and which technological advancements most benefit agents during the sales process.

  • Highly mobile and portable
    Visually impactful
    Very user friendly
  • Always up-to-date and easy to update
    Breathtaking visualization technology
    Buyer communication tools

evolutionvWhat is SAGE?